On May the 9th of 2006 a beautiful lady named Becky took the final steps of a long journey. Becky’s tour traversed numerous miles, spanned many years and touched untold hearts along the way. Most journeys are embarked upon with the destination as a goal and yet strangely the passage often becomes more significant than the objective. Becky lived her life with the comfortable knowledge of her final destination but never could she have imagined the impact of her trip.

In September of 1968, Becky began her walk through life in the arms of her loving mother and father. Her brother Steve welcomed her home and later she returned the favor by welcoming Matt and Paul into the family. Friends and family quickly came to love her as time exponentially magnified her circle of influence and more people came into contact with her soft spirit and sweet smile. Years passed and her love of life and care for others began resonating with the man who would become her loving husband. The same characteristics that touched the chord of his heart became hallmarks of her motherhood. The threads of inspiration that inextricably wove Becky’s heart into the lives of so many have spread literally around the world and back again to her loving parents.

On these pages we hope you will find the story of Becky’s life, not only as it was but as it still is, lived through the lives of those who were touched by her journey. As you sift through these pages of the memory of Becky’s travels with us, please remember that while she has reached her destination and her journey is over, her life continues in each of us that has been touched along the way.